Carla Duren

soul coach

Align Your Soul with Your Goals.

You are a special and unique Soul, with a special and unique reason for being. Are you living a life that reflects your Essence and Your Greatness or have you lost touch with your inner voice and who you truly are at your core? Well all is not lost, because that inner voice is what most likely brought you here today. Together, you and I will reconnect you with Your Soul's Essence so that you can start living the life you know in Your Soul you are meant to live.

Soul Sessions are 1 hour coaching sessions where we meet weekly to discover and remove the obstacles blocking you from success in both your personal and professional life. In between our sessions you will have practices designed to have you living Your Best Life.

Our work together is Transformational. I myself am a Master of Transformation. I am constantly reinventing myself to accomplish the next goal in my evolution. I moved to New York City with a degree in psychology, and then pursued dream after dream of becoming an accomplished actress, singer and songwriter, performing all over the world, then pursuing my passion for healing and wellness with yoga and coaching certifications as well as creating my own Soul centered yoga and coaching practices. I thrive in creation and transformation. I see infinite possibilities for what's possible in this world. This is what I see this for you as well. If you're ready to step into the realm of possibility and truly live the life that Your Soul desires, book your complimentary Soul Session today. Your Soul is here for a reason. You get to decide what that is.

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"There are only a very few that have the gift to heal you by being in their presence. Carla is that person. I have worked with her over 6 years and can honestly say that she not only has helped me heal my past, she also taught me how to manifest aspects of my future exactly the way I want them to be." -H. H.